Take back control of your data – across your digital life.

Hundreds of companies are collecting your personal data & invading your privacy – but you can stop them.

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Privacy Bought and Sold

Your online privacy is being bought and sold

Everything you do online — every website visited, form submitted, ad clicked, or app downloaded — is tracked. Data brokers collect your info, compile your profile, and then re-sell it far & wide.

We Scan the Web and Clean Up Your Data Trail, Continuously →

Online Trail Habits

More data, more problems

The more companies that have your data, the more likely your info will be breached or leaked on the dark web. Data breaches can lead to phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, and identity theft.

We Monitor the Dark Web and Alert You to Data Breaches →

Manage Data Alone

It’s hard to clean up your data alone

New laws technically allow you to exercise your privacy rights, but it takes a lot of work to delete your data from companies that shouldn't have it -- including hundreds you don’t know about.

We Help You See Where Your Data Is and Do the Legwork For You →

Fewer data breaches.
Less spam.
More control of your privacy.

Everyone deserves to take control of their personal data. We're here to help.

Take Control

What we do for you

Confidently's simple, powerful platform to take back control of your personal data and manage your online privacy will:

Save Time

Save You Time by Doing the Hard Work For You

Confidently’s platform automates the confusing process of deleting your personal info & stopping it from being sold. Our service cleans up your data from hundreds of companies within the first weeks of your subscription, saving you hundreds of hours of time and stress – dealing directly with companies that collect your info, including many you never shared your data with in the first place.

Keep Covered

Keep You Clean, Month After Month

Every day, as you use the internet, you'll continue to leave more data behind -- so when you subscribe to Confidently, we’ll always be cleaning you up from more and more places. We’re constantly expanding our privacy coverage to more companies. We’ll suggest new businesses to delete you from, and you can tell us where you want us to clean up.

Long-Term Peace

Proactively Protect Your Privacy

The privacy landscape is constantly evolving. We’ll constantly keep you up to date with new features to give you peace of mind – including our premium dark web monitoring service, which alerts you to leaks or breaches of your personal data in virtually any nook and cranny of the internet, along with recommendations for addressing each breach.

Our customers agree:

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"Managing your online privacy can be really complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Confidently does all the hard work for me. They already cleaned up my data from dozens of companies, and they’re stopping more and more businesses from selling my info every month. I’m glad Confidently is on my side."

Emily Houston, TX
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"Confidently helped me take back control of my data. Not only did they delete me from dozens of data brokers, they also stopped dozens of big brands from selling my data to other companies. And now they're keeping me in control, month after month. What a relief!"

Anna N Los Angeles, CA

Live your digital life — Confidently!
Take back control of your privacy today.


Want To Know More?

Confidently monitors your privacy across 150+ businesses -- stopping your data from being sold and/or deleting you from those companies selling your info. To see a full list of companies we support, click here.

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), consumers have the right to make a number of privacy requests -- including Do-Not-Sell and Delete requests. When you make a Do-Not-Sell request (also known as a request to opt-out of data sales), companies must stop selling your personal data to other companies. When you make a Delete request, after companies validate the request as authentic, they must delete your data from their systems -- with a few specific exceptions.

For more information, please visit the California Attorney General's CCPA website.

You can subscribe to Confidently from any state in the U.S. Thanks to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California residents are guaranteed stronger privacy protections than people in many other states. Companies are required to process the Delete and Do-Not-Sell requests we send them on behalf of Californians. But most companies are already accepting the California standard even if you live in other states. In the coming months, we believe more and more states (and likely the federal government) will pass legislation similar to the CCPA, guaranteeing the same essential privacy rights for all Americans.

No, we don’t need any of your passwords to protect your privacy.

When you subscribe to Confidently, you'll get a 30-day free trial to test out the service for yourself. After those 30 days, Confidently costs just $10/month to continue protecting your privacy.

When you subscribe to Confidently, we’ll monitor your privacy across 200+ businesses—and clean up your personal information (stopping your data from being sold and/or deleting it) from those companies selling your info. We’ll follow-up with those companies on your behalf to make sure they comply. We’ll expand your coverage to new companies every month. And we’ll monitor the dark web for you, promptly alerting you to future data breaches.

In short, Confidently will help you manage your privacy and take back control of your personal data, all across the internet, for as long as you subscribe to our service.

Right now, the CCPA guarantees privacy rights to consumers, not businesses. So our privacy services are geared toward individual consumers.

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